Luxueuze gastvrijheid in een
inspirerende Spaanse atmosfeer.


Hiking in Ontinyent and surroundings

Un paseo, as the Spaniards call : a walk. And there are plenty of walks in Ontinyent and surroundings. We have a large number of hiking suggestions for you in the vicinity of Atidos. Within a few minutes to a maximum of an hour's drive you will find well-signposted hiking trails in all kinds of different landscapes. On mountain paths, along rivers, between orchards and vineyards and so on. And… there is always a terrace or bar nearby.

Especially in the late season when the worst heat has passed, in late winter or spring, the province of Valencia is a wonderful place for hikers. There is something for everyone. Short and long distance walks are possible. There are longer trips for the seasoned runners. You can make it as heavy as you want. Here too, the routes are signposted.

From September to mid-June, the surrounding area of ​​Ontinyent has the most wonderful walking weather. Pleasant temperatures and rarely rain.